Flexible Financing

Flexible Financing

General Information

We offer several unique financing programs.

  • Equipment Financing – Including 100% installation & soft costs.
  • Re-Imaging and Re-Branding Financing – All brands and programs.
  • “Loan Line” Line of Credit Loan – 1 simple document & a locked in rate.
  • Working Capital Loans for unexpected expenses – Keep bank lines in place.
  • Reimbursement Refund Loans for your last 12 months of paid invoices.
  • Franchise and Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Financing.
We can help with
  • Energy Saving Upgrades – Save 30% on your power bills.
  • Providing easy access to competitive capital and flexible financing.
  • Providing fixed rates and terms up to 96 months for predictable budgeting.


Reimbursement Programs

  • Petroleum companies sometimes take funds from their cash flow to buy and install equipment.
  • We provide loans to Jobbers who need to put funds back into their cash flow.
  • Our program is designed to reimburse funds spent within the last 12 months.
  • We just need copies of invoices or canceled checks and our simple application package.



Re-Imaging Program


  • Jobbers and dealers continually need financing to meet the challenge of upgrade requirements from major oil companies.
  • Financing for new fascia,canopy, lights and repainting is often difficult to find.
  • US Energy can finance your Major Oil Company Upgrade requirement.
  • Payments can be structured to match your rebate schedule; on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • USEC has provided financing for many image upgrade programs, such as: Texaco Star 2000, Shell RVI, ConocoPhillips Oasis and Chevron Image Refresh.


Line of Credit

  1. Our “Loan Line” (a line of credit program) is designed for petroleum marketers who have projects which may take several months to complete. Funding may be needed for equipment and installation or for environmental upgrades to meet new EPA standards.
    1. Funding for equipment & installation – Dispensers, Canopies, Signs, etc…
    2. Environmental upgrades to meet new EPA standards
  2. Loan Line funding is available for single projects, a series of projects or projects at multiple locations for loans of $100,000 or more.
  3. A Line of Credit can be used for projects lasting up to 6 months.
  4. A fixed interest rate is locked in for up to 6 months

Simple Loan Line Process

  1. Submit standard financial package for approval
  2. Sign one set of simple documents & send in the security deposit
  3. Your Loan Line is in place – no payments until funds are used & pay interest only for up to 6 months.
  4. Get Vendors started working on your project(s)
  5. As Invoices are received, just call us & checks are sent immediately – pay interest only on the funding used.
  6. At project completion or the end of six months,  the loan is converted to the agreed fixed rate & term