US Energy Affiliates – C-Stores

U.S. Energy Affiliates - C Stores

Reducing Your Energy Cost.

In an industry where margins are tight and competition is keen, reducing overhead can be as easy as looking overhead!

If you haven’t upgraded to energy-efficient

Lighting systems

Refrigeration systems

HVAC systems



HERE IS THE BEST PART…..The savings realized through a comprehensive energy upgrade are typically large enough savings to pay for the upgrade and, in most cases, put extra dollars in your pocket!

You do not have to incur additional expense…you
      merely re-allocate your current energy bills and realize
      the savings.

Energy costs continue to rise. Whether you have 1, 2
      or 200 sites, an energy efficient upgrade to your
      facilities will help you save money immediately and will
      return long term savings for years to come.

Energy-efficient upgrades offer you savings year after
      year. Money that goes straight to the bottom line!

In recent years, a revolution in energy efficient
      technology and improved products have given
      thousands of businesses a new way to enhance their
      bottom line.

Lighting accounts for approximately 40% of your energy usage.

New energy saving lighting technologies reduce wattage and enhance product color and visibility.

Lighting can be an important part of your merchandising strategy.

Good lighting is essential to safety and security..
Enhancement of lighting can increase sales through increased traffic.


Refrigeration and HVAC account for approximately 40% of your energy usage.

Customer comfort and refrigerated products that are  are factors that keep customers coming back.
To maintain affordable comfort levels, it is imperative that you have the most efficient equipment available.
Even newer HVAC equipment can benefit from energy saving technology.
New door heaters can dramatically improve refrigeration efficiency.

US Energy Affiliates can show you the way to a better, more profitable bottom line.

We have over 30 years of experience working with the Retail Petroleum and Convenience Store Industry.

“You cannot control how much you pay for electricity but US Energy Affiliates can help you reduce how much electricity you pay for.”
Benjamin Franklin