US Energy Affiliates – Vendors

U.S. Energy Affiliates - Vendors

US Energy Affiliates works closely with Lighting Contractors and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) of all specialties. Due to the unique nature of this industry it is important to have a funding source that understands and is comfortable with your industry. Over a decade of experience funding all types of various energy projects has put US Energy Affiliates in a position to easily help Lighting Contractors and ESCOs obtain better financing for customers through our various specialized funding sources. We have been very successful with specialized programs and funding for:

Office Buildings
Gas Stations & Convenience Stores
Homeowners & Condo Associations

We will work closely with any vendor to develop a finance program to fit their needs. In today’s financial environment it is critical to offer attractive financing on most deals. US Energy Affiliates takes this one step further by offering this critical financing and in most cases showing the customer how to make his/her project a self-funding, positive cash flow project.

For vendors who want to get started working with one of the industry’s leading finance companies click here to get started. Simply fill out the vendor application form and fax it back and we will get started.

Hear what other vendors have to say:

Thank you and as always, we are proud to recommend US Energy Affiliates for energy upgrade projectfinancing needs. Please proceed, with the certainty that U.S. Energy Sciences unconditionally endorses US Energy Affiliates as the ’experts’ and only worthwhile financial partner for energy projects.  – Andy Loosberg, US Energy Sciences (similar name but no affiliation)

Here are just a few of the projects we have recently provided financing for:

Upgrades to Condominium Building –
Lighting, HVAC and Controls
New York City, NY$2,250,000.00
Mega-bank Office Building –
Total Lighting Retrofit
Jacksonville, FL$663,000.00
Nursing Home –
Co-generation system
Bridgeton, NJ$254,375.00
Florida Bottling Company –
Day-lighting Project
Hialeah, FL$52,000.00
Texas Warehouse –
Lighting Retrofit
Houston, TX$186,392.00
Upscale Apartment Building –
Co-generation project
Nassau County, NY$416,376.00
Long Term Care Facilities –
Lighting Retrofit
Rolla & St. Louis, MO$84,590.00
Grocery Store –
New Lighting Controls,
Hindman, KY$25,018.00